CIFFCO has been assisting railway operators and companies operating on national or private rail networks for more than ten years in raising the skills of their teams. From initial training in order to learn a profession (freight train driver, “agent sol”…) to continuing or specific training, the different activities of CIFFCO and its certifications strengthen over the years to always better meet the needs of its customers.



EPSF approved CIFFCO on 05/03/2013 to become an organisation responsible for examinations on general professional knowledge of train driving.

Obtaining Qualiopi certification in September 2021 for training action services and Validation of Acquired Experience. Recognition of the quality provided by our teams on a daily basis to better meet your needs.

Accredited to the training since 09/12/2004 by the French Ministry (Ministère de l’Equipement, des Transports, de l’Aménagement du Territoire, du Tourisme et de la Mer), and renewed every 5 years by the EPSF (French railway safety authority), CIFFCO trains your new recruits in the driving professions:

-­ Main
­ ‐ line train driver
­ ­‐ Work
­ ­‐ train driver
­ ­‐ Driver on private branch
­ ­‐ Locotractor driver


The French organisation EPSF ( Etablissement Public de Sécurité Ferroviaire ­‐ French railway safety authority) recognises some railway trades as Essential Safety Tasks (TES).
CIFFCO is approved to train in the following TES: A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, K, L and M.


CIFFCO has been accredited by the ORR (Office of Rail and Road, UK Government) since 07/06/2013 to provide lessons and conduct assessments and examinations on general professional knowledge of driving trains on the UK rail network.

CIFFCO is an approved LINGUASKILL examination centre, certified by the University of Cambridge. The Linguaskill tests assess English proficiency according to the scale of the European Framework. As a result, you can compare your results to international standards. Linguaskill tests can complete English training and thus make it eligible for Personal Training Account (CPF) funding. CIFFCO is at your disposal for any request for preparation and passing the exam.

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CIFFCO is characterised by attentive listening to its customers, an ability to deliver and set up the expected training but also by an increased performance in the delivery of the training and employability throughout the whole industry, via the RNCP qualifications recognised by French government as Train Driver and “Agent sol”.
The registration in the French National Directory of Professional Training (RNCP) gives our courses a level 4 diploma equivalence in France. This recognition is a real guarantee of confidence in both the excellence of the training provided and its quality of access to employment.

Driver RNCP qualification

The Train Driver training delivered by CIFFCO entered the French National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) in 2014, making CIFFCO the first private training organisation to deliver this qualification. Thanks to the latter, the State recognises all the skills and knowledge acquired during training for the profession of train driver. The RNCP qualification granted by the State for training in the profession of Driver is also accessible by VAE. To apply, download the relevant documents here.

Key moments

Find below the moments that have marked the history of CIFFCO.

14 september 2021 - Qualiopi certification

Qualiopi certification for the provision of training actions and Validation of Acquired Experience

10 October 2019 - Renewal of the RNCP "Train Driver" title

RNCP Train Driver sheet

4 September 2019 - Extension of the EPSF authorisation for training in Essential Safety Tasks (T.E.S.)

Renewal for a period of five years of the approval to provide training in Essential Safety Tasks

11 January 2016 - 1st employment MOOC in the French railway sector

The MOOC allowing to discover the railway world has gathered 5000 participants.

25 October 2015 - CIFFCO becomes BULATS exam centre

The BULATS is attested by the University of Cambridge and allows candidates to validate their level of English in a professional context.

8 September 2014 - Renewal of authorisation on 10/15/09 by EPSF

CIFFCO is approved to train in essential safety tasks and train driving for another 5 years.
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3 July 2014 - Train driver RNCP qualification (French Certification)

The train driver training delivered by CIFFCO enters the national directory of French Professional certifications (RNCP) and obtains a university equivalent in France which is recognised by French government.

7 June 2013 - Approval in the United Kingdom by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR)

The ORR, equivalent of the EPSF in France, approves the CIFFCO to teach and conduct examinations concerning the driving of trains on the British rail network.

3 May 2013 - Approval to be examination center for driver’s license by EPSF (French railway safety authority)

CIFFCO becomes an organisation responsible for examinations on general professional knowledge of train driving.

2 April 2013 - Extension of the authorisation on 15/10/09 by EPSF (French railway safety authority)

With a guarantee of quality of training provided, CIFFCO is approved to train 8 additional safety tasks.

More information on the railway safety website (FR)

14 May 2012 - Extension of the authorisation of 15/10/09 by EPSF (French railway safety authority)

Following this extension, the number of safety tasks for which CIFFCO trains increases even more.

More information on the railway safety website (FR)

15 October 2009 - Renewal of the authorisation of 13/12/04 by EPSF (French railway safety authority)

CIFFCO is approved for 5 additional years to train in essential safety tasks.

13 December 2004 - 1st approval by the State allowing CIFFCO to train drivers on the French national rail network

This approval has made CIFFCO the first private organisation in the field of railway training.

Our simulators


In 2021, CIFFCO invested in new Alstom mobile simulators and in the renovation of its cabin simulator.

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Our “Blended Learning” approach

CIFFCO is able to offer training adapted to your needs : face-to-face, distance or e-learning.


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