Our simulators

A high-tech equipment

In 2021, CIFFCO invested in new ALSTOM mobile simulators and refurbished its cabin simulator, in order to meet the freight and passenger service needs.

These new CIFFCO simulators (cabin and mobile) are the only ones, to date, that can drive three types of rolling stock:

  • Self-propelled passenger train
  • Freight and passenger trains with electric engines
  • Freight and passenger trains with diesel engines

They are also the only ones that include the following command controls:
Compulsory on-board safety automation
KVB Version 6
TVM 430

CIFFCO now has a set of:

  • 8 Oktal Simolia mobile simulators for freight train driver training et 1 route editing station;
  • 1 new Alstom multifunction simulator set up in an isolated cabin and the associated instructor station for freight and passenger train drivers;
  • 4 new Alstom micro-simulators and the associated instructor station.

Did you know?

CIFFCO offers a rental service for its OKTAL mobile simulators.
For further information, please contact us.